Unique opportunity to assist a nationally recognized organization – ampleharvest.org – provide healthy food to millions of Americans in need.

Nonprofit: ampleharvest.org

If you’ve ever had a vegetable garden – or know someone who has – you understand this problem: what do you do with food you don’t want but others desperately need? Ampleharvest.org (AH) has developed an innovative solution connecting individual gardeners with food banks. The need persists.

The excess produce of home gardeners could feed 28 million Americans. But for AH to truly succeed they must increase awareness, scale the organization and develop consistent funding streams. This is a social engineering organization at the forefront of addressing a national health crisis.

Project: Strategy, Marketing, Sustainability

  • Refine strategic goals. Once a successful connection between gardener and foodbank occurs, how build on the relationship? Can they develop ongoing added value?
  • Generate ideas for a marketing plan to increase local, regional and national awareness.
  • Explore new funding models to provide resources to sustain operations.
Volunteer Now
Volunteer Now
Brainstorming Session2 hrs, one session


Contact Project Coordinator Amory Houghton, MBA 1979, ahoughton3@aol.com.

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