What We Offer Small Businesses

Pro Bono Consulting Services Offered by HBS Alumni:

Group Coaching Sessions

Engage in shared learning by joining Zoom meetings with fellow small business owners and obtain real-time advice and feedback from HBS alumni consultants.


Access online or downloadable content on topics to help you succeed in the COVID-19 environment, including digital strategy, real estate issues, cashflow management, and scenario planning.

One-On-One Coaching

Schedule an individual session with HBS alumni consultants to receive tailored, in-depth advice on an issue your business is currently facing.

Group Coaching Format

  • Approximately 60 minutes in length; held via Zoom
  • Registration generally capped at 8-10 businesses and managed by 3 or more HBS alumni consultants
  • Sessions are designed to be both a problem-solving exercise and an exchange of ideas among small business owners, facilitated by HBS alumni consultants
  • Back and forth exchanges and follow-up questions using the chatbox are encouraged
  • A short, preliminary questionnaire filled out by registrants will determine the session’s overarching theme
  • Registering for multiple sessions is encouraged

Webinar Format

  • Live or pre-recorded webinars are approximately 60 minutes in length, with at least 30 minutes reserved for Q+A
  • Webinars led by HBS alumni consultants and industry experts
  • Registration for live webinars generally capped at 20 businesses
  • HBS alumni teams have developed webinars on subjects including digital marketing, sales, scenario planning, and best practices for table service restaurants pivoting to delivery
  • Several more webinars are in development



One-On-One Coaching Format

  • Individualized sessions are held via Zoom and facilitated by one or more HBS alumni consultant
  • Session topics are tailored to the client’s specific business needs
  • Clients can register for additional one-on-one coaching sessions as needed, although it is unlikely a project would extend beyond two months
  • Small business owners can fill out this form to get started

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