Help Global Citizens Initiative, Inc. (GCI), now successfully identifying and nurturing a set of young global leaders, decide how to maximize its impact in the years ahead.

Nonprofit: Global Citizens Initiative, Inc.

GCI’s mission is to empower young people from all sectors of society to become lifelong leaders of positive change. GCI has a distinctive 10 month fellowship program that starts with an 8 day Summit for secondary school students from over 25 countries. Now in its 7th year, GCI faces a wide set of possible next steps and seeks help designing and navigating a structured strategic plan.

Project: Strategic Planning

Maximizing the impact of GCI’s philosophy and methodologies can take many forms. How to decide? During this project we will help GCI:

  • Clarify strategic options for growth and impact
  • Structure criteria for decision making and choosing priorities
  • Build actionable programs and success measures for priorities chosen
Brainstorming Session2 hrs, one session


  • Interested HBS alumni should sign up by November 6th.
  • The kickoff meeting will take place the week of November 21st. First meeting at GCI in Greenwich, CT. Subsequent sessions in NYC or by phone.
  • Time commitment approximately 10-15 hours per month for 3-4 months.


Contact Project Coordinator Leo Corbett, MBA 1975

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